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Bernhard Wytek

Spundagasse 7/2/5

1210 Wien



Bernhard Wytek - Webdesigner

I help companies create digital experiences.

actually working on a product-configurator

"Der Greißler" Website


March 2018


10k Users/Year


MfCS - Awwwards


Humans are producing too much waste. Supermarkets in general are wasting packaging material and food. Der Greißler is a local business, selling food like 50 years ago. Their goal is to minimize packing material and leading the food retail business to it sustainable roots.

show Project



August 2017


Every web project starts with the same open questions. What are the brand attributes, needs of the customers or the objectives? Because many these things are often defined only sporadically, I have developed a guide for using it with my customers. In 2017 I have produced this guide as DIY printed version, because many customers would like to make this Workshop several times and wanted to appropriate this knowledge and moreover, I love Print ;)

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Current Live Project


Sept. 2018

Current milestone


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Time left current Milestone


Infrared heatings find out bigger and bigger popularity. The aim is the realisation of a new Landingpage including a blog. As well as development of an online shop with a product configurator. The project is just in work and you can pursue on this card always the current status.


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My Why?

Your Why.

A web project demands a lot of time and energy to you as customers as well as to me. We start by aligning the goals and brand characteristics of your company and together we understand the needs and habits of your users to develop features and a website they really want. I get to know your passion and understand why the enterprise was founded and what is the propelling vision behind it.

An experience that made me proud was,

the digitization of the registration process for events with Boehringer Ingelheim. From up to 3000 invited people per year there was throughout positive and no negative feedback. In 2016 started as Pilotprojekt, the digital registration is no longer indispensable.


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