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Bernhard Wytek

Spundagasse 7/2/5

1210 Wien


Bernhard Wytek - about

I work since 8 years as Freelance Designer and since 2015 I'm specialized on webdesign. Switching Boehringer-Ingelheim's registration process from Fax to digital as well as earning a "Merit for commendable Sites" by Awwwards for my latest project, were my professional highlights by now.

Konzept • UI/UX Design • Webdevelopment


To align objectives, customers and the brand is key for good websites. Therefor I developed a framework. I use it in strategy session with my customers and help them define all relevant informations. Last year I refined the process so it became a standalone DIY Workshop thats now printed as hardcover book.

UI/UX Design

For Designing Websites I use pen and paper as well as Adobe XD and Illustrator. Since 8 years I'm constantly developing my basic graphicdesign skills like typography and composition. As add-on I'm learning about human psychologie to use in webanimations, userflow and how our brain processes information.


Technician by heart, I love geeking in projects and bringing tech alive. With webdevelopment I found a possibility to use my endless curiosity for my profession. I develop state of the art websites with HTML, CSS and JS(Jquery). Currently I'm trying to accomplish some Sites using only Vanilla JS with some Jquery because I want to understand some Concepts used in bigger JS Frameworks, like AJAX Routing, Lazyloading and so on.


• 2010, start freelance graphic design
• graduation HTL Hollabrunn
• Certified Webdesigner by Adobe
• participation Polymer Summit by Google
• 2015 co-founder agency LOFDESIGN
• 2016 co-developer fitnessapp with Ionic
• 2017 Smartwatch App Prototyp for SAP Consulting Agency
• 2017 published own book
• 2018 „understand and use Angular 2“ by udemy
• 2018 awarded with „Merit for commendable Sites“ by Awwwards