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Der Greißler


Strategy • Webdevelopment • Webdesign

Landingpage and
digital productlist with individual cms solution.


Humans are producing too much waste. Supermarkets in general are wasting packaging material and food. Der Greißler is a local business, selling food like 50 years ago. Their goal is to minimize packing material and leading the food retail business to its sustainable roots.

The Challenge

Our Customer stores his Products in a Google Spreadsheet. One of our biggest Challenges was to fetch the Data from the GSheet and display it live on the Website. So he can change and update his productlist nice and easy.


March 2018


10k Users/Year


MfCS - Awwwards

“Individual solutions with high usability.“


VueJs is a new lightweight Javascript Framework, helping displaying the dynamic Data.

A Spreadsheet on Steroids

The Gsheet productlist serves now as Database and stores aktuell offers and all products. The Solution is now as dynamic as this young business and able to react to changes immeditaly and easy.

"The combination from strategy and webdesign was new to me, the result is amazing. My customers love the new features. Looking forward to the next project with Berni."

- Alexander Obsieger, Der Greißler

Necessary Evil?

Added Value.

Your Website is another way of connection to your customers. We should use the opportunity we have and discuss what needs your customers have. Let's have coffee together.